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Tips To Clean A Vinyl Fence Without Harming Your Lawn

Your fence is an integral part of your residence as it not only defines the border of your property but is also a decorative part of your yard. If you have a vinyl fence, you usually don’t have to worry much as it is nearly-maintenance free, but dirt and mildew can take off its shine. Keeping a vinyl fence looking new without harming the lawn is a problem that most homeowners face. You can count on DH Fencing for all your fencing needs including keeping your fence clean without damaging your lawn.

We have been constructing quality custom fences throughout Southern Alberta for over 25 years. We take pride in our craftsmanship and have experience in setting up concrete, wood, ornamental, chain-link, composite and vinyl fences.

Have a look at how you can clean a vinyl fence without damaging the landscaping:

Use water for light cleaning

Spray the fence with water to clean light debris and soil. You can make use of a garden hose with a spray nozzle. You can also go for a pressure washer, but in most cases, that’s more power than needed.

Use a mild soap for heavier debris

Use soap if water does not clean the fence enough. Mild soaps such as castile soap or dish soap will do the job. Fill a bucket with warm water and add soap in it. Dip a sponge or a soft rag in it and wash the fence. Rinse and let the fence dry.

Add vinegar for mould

Mould will make the vinyl fence look dirty. Add ½ cup of plain white vinegar to a bucket of warm water and soap. Vinegar can kill mould and slow down its return.

Protect plants

While cleaning a vinyl fence, always cover plants with plastic sheets and weigh down the edges with bricks or rocks. Also, move aside any garden furniture or any damageable plant pots out of the way before you begin.

Removing stubborn stains

The above methods will let you wash off dirt, especially if you are cleaning your fence about once in three months. However, a few situations when soap and vinegar will not be enough are:

  • Scuff marks
    Sometimes, rubber can leave black marks on your fence. If there is a sneaker or a tire mark on your vinyl fence, get rid of it with a large pencil eraser.
  • Caked-on dirt
    Soak a soft scrub brush in a bucket of a soapy mixture and use it to clean tough stains. First, test a small area if you are worried that the brush could leave scratches.
  • Extensive mould
    If mould has been growing on your fence for quite some time, spray undiluted vinegar on the mould. Leave it for a few minutes before scrubbing. Use plain water for rinsing later.

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