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Vinyl Fencing

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If you are looking for a strong, moisture resistant, maintenance free option for fencing, vinyl fencing may be the right choice for you! Vinyl is known for its high durability, easy assembly and low maintenance standards. Vinyl consists of strong panels to help increase the lifespan of the fence and keep it sturdy for years.

Benefits To Vinyl Fencing

  1. Strength
    Vinyl is estimated to be five times stronger than wood, you will never have to worry about rust or pests deteriorating this stuff. Since vinyl doesn’t absorb moisture, we guarantee it will not crack, split, rot, or become deteriorated by the Southern Alberta weather conditions, -These fences do not require paint, and they will not turn yellow after sun exposure, keeping the appearance clean for years to come.
  2. Minimal Maintenance
    No routine maintenance is required on vinyl fencing, and if you feel it is getting dirty- it’s as easy as rinsing it off with your garden hose. Vinyl retains it’s colour so you never need to worry about repainting. In addition to these features, vinyl fencing can save you time and money in maintenance costs.
  3. Affordability
    Vinyl is much cheaper than wood or iron, you can also factor in the savings from all the maintenance that you won’t have to do. With vinyl, you won’t have to pay for paints or stains, and you definitely won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time.
  4. Flexibility
    In Southern Alberta, we are subject to harsh wind and weather conditions, but they are no match for vinyl fencing. Its flexibility is one of the main components we attribute to its long lifespan. Another bonus for folks in Southern Alberta is because of its flexibility, livestock would not be harmed if they tried to nibble on vinyl.
  5. Privacy
    You can purchase one-piece panels to eliminate the space between posts

DH Fencing offers a wide variety of vinyl materials, allowing you to build a fence of almost any style. We always have staff on hand who are ready to help you fulfill your fencing requirements.