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A fence is an essential component of your property that provides a measure of security while enhancing the aesthetics of your property. Fences are a great element to break the monotony of your yard. But no matter how strong your fence might be, they are always exposed to the outdoor elements including heavy wind, rain, sun, and winter weather that can cause the materials to wear down over time.  

If your fence is deteriorating, choose DH Fencing’s fence repair services in Coaldale and Lethbridge. Our experienced and certified fence contractors can fix and repair your commercial or residential fence to restore its original look. Get in touch today for an estimate!

The importance of fence repair.

Over time, your fence can sag due to harsh weather and constant use. There might be underlying problems with your fence, such as dry rot and termites. It is best to hire a professional who can identify the problem and determine appropriate repair solutions. The points below explain the importance of timely repair of your fence:

Protection from Theft

Without a fence, anyone can easily walk into your yard or property, making you an easy target for burglars. If you have a damaged fence, it should be fixed without delay to uphold security

Increased Privacy

A fence offers you the privacy you need while you are enjoying time in your yard

No Entry for Pests

If you have a garden, you certainly don’t want wildlife entering your yard. A well-maintained fence can help you keep your freshly grown vegetables and flowers safe from pest and animal invasion

Restore Stability of Fence

Fences can wear down with time and due to weather elements. Repairs and regular maintenance can help restore the structure and stability of your fence

Common Fence Problems

Despite regular maintenance, you might encounter fence-related issues. At DH Fencing, we can repair different types of fences, including:

Wooden Fences 

The moisture on your wooden fence might result in rotting. The infected area must be taken out entirely or either patched to prevent the rot from spreading

Chain-Link Fences

With time, chain link-fences and iron nails start rusting and might cause you injury or snag on your clothes

Ornamental Fences

Due to dampness and other weather conditions, your ornamental fence can sag or become wobbly. Support must be provided with a brace immediately

Vinyl Fences

Issue of missing boards or pickets can come up with vinyl fences. Heavy rain or thunderstorms may cause the fence boards to wear down and fly away

Four ways to maintain your fence.

Proper care of your fence can keep it in good shape. Here are some ways to maintain it:

  • Schedule timely inspections
  • Place the sprinkler systems away from your fence, which can cause dampness
  • Clear out leaves and vines which grow on your fence
  • Pressure wash and varnish your fence

Speak to our fence repair experts


Timely repair of your fence might save you from higher costs down the lane. To maintain the integrity of your fence, speak to our fence repair experts in Coaldale and Lethbridge today. We also specialize in ornamental fencing and wood fencing services. If you have further questions or need an estimate, fill out our online form and we will respond promptly.



We can repair all types of fences.

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