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When it comes to having security gates and access controls fitted on your property, there’s no room to compromise on quality.

That’s because, when done properly, the benefits of having a security system are innumerable. There are various different ways to configure your gates and controls – but to reap the rewards, you need to optimize your setup for your premises.

In this article, cover some of the key benefits of gates for your property’s security system.


When your property appears exposed or easy to gain access to, it can be an easy target for criminals. That’s why good security gates and systems are the first step in discouraging potential thieves breaking and entering.

The negative effects of experiencing a crime at your home or workplace are huge.

Whether it’s a monetary loss, the compromising of confidential company information, or just the way you feel after the event, it’s not something worth risking. Security gates for homes and offices can help to deter crime.

Security Gates Can Lower Your Premiums

This is because insurance companies are well aware of the benefits of having controlled access and security gates on your property. They understand that it reduces the risk of your premises being targeted for criminal activity.

Having home security installed can reduce your premiums in the short term. It also greatly reduces the likelihood of expensive claims in the future.


For those who frequent your property, having security gates keeping the place safe can make all the difference in their experience. Your employees will feel that their company is investing in their safety, visitors can feel protected and that their vehicles are secure when visiting a gated property.


There are many types of gates: some open based on tailored access controls. The types of access controls can vary from keypad to swipe card – but the benefits such a system can have for your business remain constant.

This is because you can decide exactly who has the ability to enter and exit your premises.

Attempts to circumvent your system can be monitored and reported. This means you can nip any potential security issues in the bud before they get out of control.

Secure Gates and Access Controls Increase Ease For You

The automation of your access system removes the need for traditional locks and keys. Now, you can have entry codes – which are much harder to lose.

Not only this, but it means that you can design a system that allows the right people in at the right times of the day. You no longer need to worry about access if people want to work late.


Whether it’s your home or your business that you’re trying to protect, getting a good night’s sleep can be tricky when you’re worried about your property. Having a good security system in place can put your mind at ease.

The consequential benefits stemming from this are endless: increased happiness, higher productivity, better work-life balance – and that’s just a few.

Being able to leave your property when you need to and know that it’s safe is incredibly important. A good security system will provide this.


There are countless benefits to having your property be more secure. If you’re looking to invest in some security gates and access controls, now is a better time than ever to do so.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what’s on offer, you’re in the right place. Be sure to contact us at DH Fencing today for a personalized estimate for security gates and access controls for your property in Lethbridge, Coaldale, and throughout Southern Alberta.

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